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In spite of the widely usage of membrane systems in Turkey, there is no commercial production facility of either ceramic or polymeric membranes. As Turkey is one of the countries under water stress, technologies to provide alternative water sources such as water reuse and desalination will be essential in the future. In the global sense, membrane science and technology have gained a lot of importance due to run out of the limited water resources, recently. Membrane production requires high technology, knowledge and experience. This technology is still not cheap enough to be widely used. By the way, with the improvement of membrane science, a decrease in the costs of membrane technology is observed. Higher technology with lower costs is required for cleaner future.

  • SANTEZ Project Accepted
  • İstka Project Accepted

Mission & Vission

- MEM-TEK Vision

The vision of MEM-TEK is becoming a worldwide leader membrane technology center on membrane manufacturing, module development and process improvement on water and wastewater applications

- Mission Statement

  • Research & Development: MEM-TEK will make researchs to improve current techiques and to develop novel techniques on membrane.
  • Service to Industry: MEM-Tek will supply an infrastructure and technical knowledge about membrane technologies which is required for industries
  • Education of the researchers and scientists: State-of-art technologies will be provided to researchers.