Ongoing Projects

Ongoing projects in MEM-TEK research center;

  • Using Nanocomposite Polymeric Membranes For Water Treatment
  • The Development Of Antı-bıofouling Membranes Wıth Nanomaterials And Its Applications At Membrane Bioreactor (Mbr) Systems
  • Flat Sheet Membrane Production
  • Continuous Production of Flat Sheet Membranes and Nanoparticle Containing Hollow Fiber Membranes
  • Simultaneous Electrospinning of two polymer
  • Innovative membrane module production; hand powered membrane filtration and simultaneous filtration systems
  • RO treatment system with low energy(DEGROS)
  • Innovative module development and modelling (ISTKA)
  • Flat Sheet Membrane Production and Flat Sheet Module Developing (SANTEZ)