Collaboration Seminar on Filtration Technologies Between Turkey and France

Recently, filtration technologies become widespread for the treatment of water, wastewater and industrial separation processes. As a result of these improvements, filtration market has developed. However, every development has some consequences as new demands and some problems.

Prof. Dr. Dincer Topacık National Research Center on Membrane Technologies (MEM-TEK) was founded in 2011 and International Filter Testing Services (IFTS) was founded in 1981 in France will host a collaboration meeting to share their knowledge and experiences with industry and support the firms in the market with their problems. In this collaboration meeting, both MEM-TEK and IFTS will discuss about possible collaborations, present their projects with participants.

We believe that this organization will help to solve the problems of the firms in the market with 34 years of experience of IFTS.

We are very pleased to see you in this event.



Prof. Dr. İsmail KOYUNCU

Director of MEM-TEK


Date: 11.02.2015 Time: 9.30 a.m.

Venue: Istanbul Technical University, Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Institute Seminar Room