Ongoing Projects

Ongoing projects in MEM-TEK research center;

  • Drinking Water Treatment by Using polymeric Nanocomposite Membranes, Project No: 110Y214 (TUBITAK 1001 Project)
  • Development and Application of Polymeric Membranes which Produced by Nanomaterial that Resistant to Biofouling in Membrane Bioreactors, Project No: 111Y095 (TUBITAK 1001 Project)
  • Development and Implementation of New Procedures which Preventing Biofouling in Membranes that are used in water and wastewater treatment, Project No: 111Y275 (TÜBİTAK 1001 Project)
  • Production of biohydrogen from Organic solid waste and Industrial wastewater by using anaerobic biomembrane, Project No: 110Y026 (TUBITAK 1001 Project)
  • Production of flat sheet membrane and Plate-Frame Modules by using different Polymers, Project No: SAN-TEZ 1481 (San-Thesis Project)
  • Production of Innovative Membrane Module for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Project No: İSTKA 2012/BİL/2 (İSTKA Project)
  • Quorum Quenching Energy Saving Technology in Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Reuse to cope with the global water scarcity, Project No: 112M739 (KORANET Project)
  • Generating electricity from Domestic Wastewater by using Newly Developed Cross-Flow Multi-Tube Microbial Fuel Cell (Um2fc), Project No: 111Y252 (TUBITAK 1001 Project)
  • Usage of Microalgae Culture for Sustainable Energy Production and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, SAN-TEZ Project
  • Development of Polymeric Forward Osmosis Carbon Nanotube Membranes and it’s Implementation of Water desalinization. Project Number: 111R012 (TÜBİTAK 1001 Project)